Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fall Academic Awards

Last evening the Fall Academic Award Ceremony took place honoring those who went above and beyond in their classes this semester. There were recipients of these awards from several of the teams of campus. On top of the Academic Awards, a number of students were recognized for making High Honors. On the lacrosse team, there were several players recognized.

High Honors:

Chris Barney

Spencer Matches

Jeremy Buckley

Brad Coffey

Evan O’Donnell

Sean Fosse

Storm Stockstill

Sean Williamson

Cody Leaf

Academic Awards:

Connor King- College Prep English

Jacob Lucovich- College Prep English

Matt Stango- Geometry

Jeff Christiano- (CAP) Statistics

Jeff Pearce- Accelerated Calculus

Alec Westerhoff-Multimedia Production

Ian Farley- Nutrition

Colin Nesdale- Sport Psychology

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