Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Student Profile: Ryan Cordero


IN HIGH SCHOOL: I wasn’t really ambitious, and I didn’t go to school for the right reasons, and didn’t do my work for the most part.

HEARD ABOUT BA: My Mom and some of my Aunts found it online and they thought it was a really good school.

GOALS AT BA: Good grades, and be successful in athletics.

BA IS DIFFERENT FROM HIGH SCHOOL: Less distractions, you’re living at school so everything revolves around school. You get a lot of opportunities where you can go and talk to your teachers; at dinner to schedule stuff, it’s a lot easier and less complicated.

BEST ABOUT BA: The best thing is just being here, to live here, it makes everything easier. It’s the biggest advantage, if I was waking up and drive here everyday and then leave I would have distractions at home.

WORST THING ABOUT BA: I can’t really tell you anything that is bad about it.


OUTSIDE OF BA: I like to skateboard, and go out with friends, in Florida if you don’t have friends you don’t have anything.

ROLE MODEL: I don’t think I have one at this time.

FAVORITE BOOK: I like a lot of the books I read this year; Tuesdays With Morie, Killing Zone, and a book I read in high school called, We Beat The Streets.

FAVORITE MOVIES: Saving Private Ryan.

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM & ATHLETE: West Indies for Cricket.

FAVORITE MUSIC: I don’t have a favorite genre, I listen to pretty much everything.

FRIENDS WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW: I’m not really a secretive person, so everyone knows stuff about me.

BA PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS SHOULD KNOW: It’s a great choice, it sets up everything better for you. There is no reason not to come here.

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