Friday, November 14, 2008

Bridgton Academy Connection In Major League Lacrosse

There is little question Steven Brooks and Terry Kimener were familiar with one another, they had likely even had their paths cross at least a time or two. When you play for one of the most prestigious Lacrosse programs in the country such as Syracuse and UMBC it is bound to happen. Both Brooks and Kimener had more then successful careers in college. Brooks was a 2 time All-American Selction (2007, 2008) at Syracuse and led them to a National Championship in 2008, Kimener earned All-American status three times (2006,200y7, 2008) while at UMBC.

Both Brooks and Kimener had aspirations of playing professional lacrosse and on May 28, 2008 it became a reality. The Chicago Machine of Major League Lacrosse held the rights to the number 4, 6, and 8 picks overall in the first round of the 2008 MLL draft. They then used the number 6 pick to select Brooks, and minutes later the number 8 pick to select Kimener.

Brooks and Kimener, although never teammates, had come close once before. Both had made the decision to attend Bridgton Academy Prep in Maine before moving on to play their collegiate careers. Brooks was a member of the Bridgton Academy Wolverines during the 2003 season, and Kimener followed as a member of the 2004 team. With Bridgton Academy being such a unique one year only preparatory school, each season the team is made up of completely different players.

Shortly after being drafted Brooks and Kimener found themselves adjusting to their new lifestyle, a large part of which consisting of being on the road and calling various hotels home. Much of a teams chemistry and player relationships are often developed off the field during these road trips, and Brooks and Kimener have had the opportunity to become great friends in addition to teammates, as they are roommates during the season.

Although Brooks and Kimener never attended college together and their one year experience at Bridgton Academy occurred one year apart, it is no coincidence they have become such good friends, and teammates in such a short amout of time. Ask anyone who has ever attended Bridgton Academy and they will tell you about the lifetime brotherhood they develop with their classmates, Brooks and Kimener are both apart of that brotherhood, only in this case one brother happens to be a year older then the other.

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